The David Bowie Cat Bow Tie

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The David Bowie Cat Bow Tie


The ever so popular David Bowie Cat Bow Tie is back! As seen in Portland Monthly Magazine

Move over hipsters your cat has swagger. Thats right, he's the cream of the crop and plaid just won't do. This calls for a totally rad style.  Nothing can quite capture your cat's awesome cattitude, he's just too cool for life. He's the whole package. He's like a burrito full of awesomeness. He needs this limited edition super silver bow tie. 

Cat size only due to limited fabric supply

All of our bow ties are made out of recycled and repurposed materials. This fabric was made from extra fabric I used to make booty shorts for Burning Man.

All Business Catual cat bow ties are hand crafted in Portland, Oregon!

Collar not included.

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