The Earl Blumenmeower Cat Bow Tie

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blumenmeower 2.jpg

The Earl Blumenmeower Cat Bow Tie

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An ode to Portland's favorite Cat Guy:

From east of the Willamette he rides, 
with the most dapper of bow ties.

Congressman Blumenauer is proficient in fashion,
Wearing tweed coats fitted with his bicycle pin.

Our swanky pro cycling hero,
Has fought to close big oil company tax loopholes to zero!

And with his Bicycle Commuter Act,
It has become a national fact,
That cycling to work is rad,
not just some national fad.

Cats love our congressman too,
They would meow from the fence and tell you,
All about the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus,
It makes him the animal kingdom's equivalent of Bacchus.

But how can we forget,
Earl Blumenauer's green etiquette?
Determined to change the capitol's mind,
and provide Portland with generous home grown kind.

For this we will dedicate our favorite bow tie
To Portland's favorite Congressional alumni.

All Business Catual cat bow ties fit on to your cat's existing cat collar. They are also made out of recycled materials. This bow tie was made from fabric from our favorite craft reuse store SCRAP PDX!

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