The Leprechaun Cat Bow Tie

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The Leprechaun Cat Bow Tie


Leprechauns are known to be small and funny, like a cat. This bow tie would look ever so dapper on your ginger cat. You never know, you might just get three wishes or a pot of gold when you put a Leprechaun Cat Bow tie on your kitty...

We only had enough fabric to list FOUR of these Make your kitty's St. Patrick's day cat bow tie wish come true! 

All Business Catual cat bow ties fit on to your cat's existing cat collar. They are also made out of recycled materials. This bow tie was made out of recycled fabric from Scrap PDX - a non-profit art supply store, with a cinch made out of fabric from Chris' mom in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Cat size only due to limited fabric supply

All Business Catual cat bow ties are hand crafted in Portland, Oregon!

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