The Picture That Started it All



 A Girl and Her Cats

This is Scotty. 

Shortly after this picture was taken of Scotty wearing a bow that Becca made for her hair, a local craft store, Crafty Wonderland insisted on having the bow ties in the shop as soon as possible. The enterprise was coined Business Catual. This bow tie was the original Portland cat bow tie and it was, in fact, the very first bow tie for cats made and sold in Portland, Oregon. Bam. It didn’t take long after creating bow ties for Business Catual to cranking out wild images for the internet, postcards and other BC merchandise.

Today, when Becca isn't napping, playing with yarn or building art for Burning Man, she is gathering new old fabrics and pawing out inspiration for creative designs. Scotty and Oliver, the beloved house cats, can be found cuddling and chewing crinkly things around the apartment though occasionally deign appearances on Facebook or in our product listings.

As may be obvious from the very beginning Business Catual has given back. A portion from every bow tie goes to local no kill animal welfare organizations like Cat Adoption Team and The Pixie Project. We are proud to be from Portland, a city that strives (through the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland) to end pet euthanasia.

Business Catual is conscientious about our impact on the environment too. We know the best bow ties are born of fabrics that had a past life... like a well worn shirt, or extra quilting fabric from an old sewing project. Our postcards are made from Forest Stewardship Council Certified paper and earth-friendly soy based ink too.

We hope you and your cat will enjoy these bow ties as much as we do.